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ALL SDGs 4 Quality Education 17 Partnerships for the Goals

IAU HESD Cluster - Higher Education mobilizing for the SDGs

IAU invites Cluster Members and all interested to share their initiatives related to higher education for the SDGs, using the twitter hashtag #IAUClusterSDGs and tagging @IAU_HESD.

Sep 17, 13:00 to Sep 26, 21:00
GLOBAL | Paris
The IAU HESD Cluster takes part in the Global Goals week by sharing SDG actions on social media and IAU pages. Cluster Members foster the integration of SDGs in Research, Teaching, Community, and on Campus. The Cluster consists of 16 lead universities, and IAU for SDG17, all engaging more specifically on one of the SDGs, while connecting to the other SDGs as well. It serves as a resource and networking hub both for institutions already engaged in SD and moving more strongly to help address the SDGs locally and seeking innovative partnerships around the world, and for those starting to engage with the SDGs at their institutions. Furthermore, the IAU and Cluster serve as a global voice for higher education and sustainable development.
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The International Association of Universities (IAU), created 1950 at UNESCO, is the leading global association of higher education institutions, with 600+ Members in 130+ countries. Sustainable Development forms one of IAU's strategic priorities, bringing together institutions and the SDGs.

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ALL SDGs 4 Quality Education 17 Partnerships for the Goals