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The Innova-Nation Fest and Pitch Challenge were created in 2018 as the first Festival that promotes Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development in Children and Youth in Panama. Our main purpose is ignite, through education, the entrepreneurial spark to achieve positive change in the World.

Our Call to Action

We are using the transformative power of movies and film by inviting more than 180 students from Public and Private Schools in Panama to get inspired and motivated towards innovation and sustainability by watching "Underwater Dreams", a story about young kids who dreamed and were able to achieve great things by believing in what they were doing.

The event will also include a STEM Design Challenge afterwards, and will be the official LAUNCH FOR THE INNOVA-NATION TRAINING SEASON for 2019, where students will receive training in innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability and get ready for the Innova-Nation Pitch Challenge which will take place on November 23, 2019 during the Global Entrepreneurship Week. #UnderwaterDreamsMovie #entrepreneurship #sustainability #DesignChallenge #InnovaNationPTY #Panama


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How to inspired a generation to take action? For us, one of the best tools is cinema, with its transforming power inspire and motivate us, make us dream and often define what we want. This year, we are proud to present a film that has received multiple awards, funded by the Laurie Tisch Foundation and Bezos Family Foundation (Jeff Bezos - Amazon). 'Underwater Dreams' tells the story of a group of undocumented children from Mexico who managed to build a robot from purchased parts in "Home Depot", beating MIT-sized equipment in the process. A story with a deep impact that has motivated many to pursue their dreams.  "It's a story about dreamers... it's a story of determined young people who proved that science is for all of us, and it's a a story of the school that helps them succeed, a community that rallies around them, and of  the countless women and men young and old, who they inspired"    Barack Obama on the Underwater Dreams.   More info here:
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