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Association Ma'ona for Human Rights and Immigration


It's a local and civil rights association and non-governmental, independent and neutrality (belongs originally to Yemen and has international range.) It does not run for carrying out profit and it's registered in Yemeni ministry of social and labor affairs. Number (50/150) dated 17/6/2007 .It's an intellectually legally framework (international range)

It's aimed for supporting and protecting human rights in Yemen and Arab society and in the world .It depends on international legitimacy and global standards for human rights issued by United Nation and national legislator and association specialized on protecting the rights and public freedoms for all people and justice regulation and respects the law, supporting the activities of permanent development in different aspects.

The aims of the association:

- Contribution for supporting and respecting Human Rights and democracy and struggle corruption.

- Helping to observe and supporting development straightness, permanent development and the wise rule

- Contribution for supporting the childhood and youth rights and enabling the woman help in compacting violence forms which still continuous against women and realization of the equity between man and woman.

- Coordinating the activities to find partnership with the government to introduce the consultation about developing the legislation and national system which related to straightness and development and human rights

- Contribution for strengthening the civil society and extension its activities in the countryside.

- Introducing the legal assistance and legal relief for the victim of profanation of human rights and protecting immigrants rights (immigrants – arriving) and the refugees and also the minorities and weak and smashed class in the society

-Contribution for funding the equal civil society, respect human rights without any discrimination which depends on the religion and faith or nationalism or originally or tribes or language or age or body handicapping.

- Contribution for funding governmental and social consciousness for creating an equal society chances for the minorities and smashed wreaked class.

-Observing, watching, and supporting progress of development of democracy and encouraging it by the possible ways


The means and   mechanisms of   implementation:

• To provide   studies and   research , strategic planning   and setting up   conferences , symposia and   seminars .

•   Field   investigation   and providing reports , dissemination and   discuss   with concerned bodies and   partnership   with civil society to   achieve the   purpose   of it.

• Organizing various   media  activities  to promote human   rights.

•   establish   activities   concerned with   training and   rehabilitation   for those working in areas related to   Association   goals   and provide   plans and   programs   of scientific   and practical   as projects   workable and   realistic   in partnership   with government and   civil society.

• Coordination   with civil society organizations   locally , regionally and   internationally through   the exchange of   visits and   transfer of expertise and   experience and   evaluate the development of   human cadres .

•   Documentation   and archiving , monitoring and   dissemination of information on   civil society and   its activities   using   various media   and the creation of   specialized libraries of human rights.

• The use of   visual media   through the work of   awareness programs   and guiding   flashes   and stories   aimed   to raise awareness of   human rights.

•   establish a   legal aid   center   to support   women issues   and children, and    defense for free the abuses   faced by   this category.


* The designations employed and the presentation of material on this map do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.


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