Social media campaign

We will create a social media campaign on all our platforms to raise awareness to the importance of integrating the SDGs in your organization to help reach the 2030 global agenda.

Sep 18, 11:00 to Sep 26, 19:00
Canada | Montréal, QC, Canada
We will share best practices from our industry, tools and examples of our own work on how you can implement the SDGs as well as use them as an assessment framework of your work in your organization.
  • This action will be
  • people taking this action
  • Awareness raising
  • Advocacy Action (petiton, letter campaign),

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#MEET4IMPACT is a non-profit organization aiming at changing the way we plan, measure and talk about the business events industry. We empower associations and destinations when it’s time to generate, measure and communicate the social impact of their activities and events.

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