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Reborndria® with high-purity NMN (98%) ingredient sourced and manufactured from Japan, in combination with MAB’s patented molecular formula, can boost NAD+ levels and maintain NAD+ levels.

Sep 22, 13:00 to Sep 23, 21:00
GLOBAL | Taipei
Global Citizen Capital, Better Together Foundation, University of Pennsylvania
NMN will be rapidly transformed to NAD+ in the circulation of the body; however, NAD+ metabolites are also quickly depleted after intake. Therefore, how to maintain the level of NAD+ in the body is an important issue. Finding a viable way to improve on delivery or recycling of NMN produces better means of raising NAD+ levels on a sustainable basis.

In order to resolve the problem of traditional NMN, Mitochondrion Application Biomedicine Inc. (“MAB”) has developed the new NMN formula. In addition, Reborndria® is shown to increase the synthesis rate of NMN and recovery of the level of NAD+.

Reborndria® can generate more power to promote metabolic function, physical activity, and organ function such as enhancing cognition, cardio protection and keeping healthy.
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