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Celebrating the SDG anniversary, you are invited to TAKE ACTION in ConscienceLAND and create an embassy in your community...   REWARD YOURSELF with Universal Social Credit points as you journey to solve the SDG’s - For more information, please VISIT and SUBSCRIBE to YouTube Channel ID: WATCH the introduction to ConscienceLAND Project (in HongKong): and "Race to SDG" introduction in Kathmandu, Nepal : You are welcome to make an email request of our "Colourfulpaper" describing ConscienceLAND.  
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World Sustainability Project Explorasport Metaverse ANX

About ConscienceLAND

ConscienceLAND, SustainaClaus and the Sustainies have been sharing the SDGchallenge with the world since COP21 in Paris...

From the top of Mount Everest to the seasides of Portugal and Hong Kong, from Poverty in the UK to Responsible Consumption in China, the World Sustainability Project has designed and built the

- SDG17index - Direct Donation Platform - to coach Ambassadors in a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) destined to achieve the SDG’s before 2030.

All networked citizens joining the SDGchallenge will earn the SDGtoken as blockchain recorded “Universal Social Credit” reflecting your great Value to Society (^_^)_!/ For more information SEARCH: “3FingerW”