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Number of people taking this action: 50-250
Tuesday September 25 will be the Global Day to # act4SDGs in which Añañau will also take part and take action for a better world!   The project of Añañau is focused on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. These are 27 objectives that have been signed worldwide by all countries to move together towards a better future for all. Añañau mainly focuses on Goal 4 on inclusive and qualitative education and opportunities for lifelong learning for everyone by organizing a daily after-school program, a variety of educational activities for children, adolescents and adults and through empowerment and sensibilization in the community. On 25 September it is the anniversary of these Sustainable Developmental Goals and this is being brought to the attention worldwide every year! Añañau will also take action, because there is still a lot of work to be done both in Peru as in the world!   Will you also be part of The Global Day for #act4SDGs and take action with us for a better world! Raise your voice and join the movement!Let your voice be heard via   Join or follow our action on Facebook: or Instagram:   Use our hashtags #añañau #quebonito #changemakers #socialresponsability #añañauforchange #añañau4SDGs #act4SDGs
4 Quality Education

About Asociación ONG Añañau

Asociación ONG Añañau is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization that was founded in December 2014 in Cusco, Peru. It works with children and adolescents between 4 and 18 years old, who live in extreme poverty and unstable family situations in the district of San Jeronimo, a suburb of Cusco. Since January 2015 the organization is recognized as an official NGO in Peru.

Añañau (pronounced a∙nja∙njau) is an expression in Quechua, the ancient language spoken in the Andes mountains next to Spanish, which mothers use to say 'how beautiful' or 'how sweet' their child is, a tenderness from the mother's heart.

What is our goal in the long run?

Peru is a country of big differences. The entire economy is growing, but at the same time the poverty and the inequality increase. In Peru the large half of the population lives in poverty. One in five persons in extreme poverty. A lot of infants, children and youths in Peru also still don't have access to proper education. Too often children and youths from deprived families and ethnic minorities are lost out of sight by the governments. This is what Añañau wants to change, in order that they also receive the same opportunities as others!

Because we believe in the power of good education as a diving board for a better future, Añañau is primarily an educational project.

Through guidance during the homework and learning while playing, we stimulate the development of the children and we try to create new opportunities. We motivate children to develop their talents and offer help where they face difficulties. Through helping the children believe in their own possibilities and abilities we want to guide them to a better future and an independent life.

Therefore Añañau offers assistance on 3 areas:

"Education, Health and the overall Social-cultural Development."

Working together with the parents and the community is very important to us as well. Through workshops, a literacy program for adults and other educational activities we attempt to extend their involvement and participation and we work around empowerment.

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1 No Poverty 3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 10 Reduced Inequalities 17 Partnerships for the Goals