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Global Action Plan Ireland (GAP, is an environmental education organisation, empowering local people (schools, community groups, businesses) with education to take climate action now! GAP focuses on people and how they can take practical action and facilitate long term behavioural change in their everyday lives for a more sustainable life, community, and world. GAP Ireland is part of GAP International – a global network of organisations in over 27 countries working together to achieve this mission.

Our Call to Action

Let us know what you end up doing on September 20th; if you don't have any plans yet, feel free to join us and take action now!
Sign up on our website to join the Global Climate Strike and #act4sdgs:


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We are joining the global initative to take action on climate! You can join your organizations too here:  When we come together to take action on climate, we can make a difference! During this week we will also be sharing engaging and informative posts on climate change and how empowered individuals can  have meaningful community contribution. On September 20th make sure to: - check out our website ( to see our action on the digital climate strike taking place across the world;  - keep an eye out for our participation in a photo stunt (#StandTogetherNow) organised by the Coalition 2030 on O'Connell Street- this is in support of the Global Climate Strike, replicating the initiative of SDG Europe in Brussels where the group will join the Friday for Future strike, using the opportunity to support the initiative live; - join our Facebook Live on to learn more about the climate strikes, understand why climate action is needed and how we can support you further to take climate action NOW!
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