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Goodwill Ambassadors Supporting the SDGs

Online educational campaign encourages advocacy and participation with the SDGs through educational programs and awareness campaigns.

Aug 31, 00:00 to Sep 15, 23:59
United States of America | Richmond, Kentucky, USA
Globcal International, Goodwill Ambassador Foundation
Our annual awareness campaign encourages developmental participation by qualifying international goodwill ambassadors, SDG advocates and public figures through our organization to elaborate effective practical program initiatives and functional projects in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America using the social media and workplace development tools. Through companies and organizations that engage designated affiliate goodwill ambassadors and global citizens participants can assist by fostering inspirational education training programs and community development projects to further qualify them for funding and sponsorship through local, national and international companies and foundations. The success of the SDGs involves awareness and instituting new sustainable infrastructures.
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Globcal International offers professional ambassadorship assimilation and training to its members who join and complete our personal development, training and orientation program to become certified as our ambassadors. Each year we award up to 3 ambassador scholarships to enterprising and promising individuals which are recommended by community leaders living in the third-world and developing nations. Becoming a goodwill ambassador requires a certain degree of ability, experience, funding and connections to achieve success by developing functional programs.

Likewise our annual SDGs program offers the public to become involved by promoting our Creative Commons agenda and signing up for internships, volunteer opportunities or just helping us help others through the social media. Watch our Facebook page for more details.

Cooperatively owned and managed organizational network operated by a decentralized autonomous individual member base (fellowship) of international non-state actors serving their constituencies as goodwill ambassadors, public advocates and global citizens.

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