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Impact Hub is a shared workspace, event platform and local/global community network for individuals who believe in the power of collaboration and innovative business solutions to accelerate sustainable impact.

Impact Hub Taipei makes sustainable impact locally. And it's a community composed of impact entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, campaigners, artists, freelancers and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change. It is a well-developed ecosystem of social innovation and internationalization; that contributes significantly to sustainability and SDGs.

As a company whose business is building strong communities, mapping the impact ecosystem, providing impact learning opportunities and impact making solutions, we believe that our business can support entrepreneurs and impact makers to solve the current social problems together.

We are proud to be the first B Corp certified coworking space and impact incubator in Taiwan, and the first B Corp certified Impact Hub in Asia, as to raise the bar for ourselves to do business for good.


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Number of people taking this action: 20-50
#Act4SDGs Day - SDG Round Table is the launch event for The Global Goals Week in Taiwan, rallies civil support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As the 5th year of SDGs launch approaches to a close, our call for action towards the SDGs becomes louder! This September, we call together public sectors, private sectors, youth groups, women communities and civil socitey to #Act4SDGs and bring the world closer to protecting the planet, and ensuring peace and prosperity. We’ll be working together with local community representatives to envisage a bright blueprint and action plans for Taiwan to achieve the SDGs.
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Asia-Pacific SDG Innovation Lab Taiwan 4 SDGs
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#GlobalGoalsJamTaiwan | #Designfor2030 Do you have a passion for solving social challenges to improve lives?Do you want to create practical interventions on Sustainable Development Goals? Join us and let’s Jam for the Global Goals! ----- What is Global Goals Jam (GGJ)?– An event consisting of short design sprints, an initiative designed by The Digital Society School, Amsterdam University of Applied sciences with UNDP, taking place simultaneously in 65 locations all over the world.– An international platform, where teams around the world will design practical, actionable interventions to help achieve the Sustainable Development Global Goals.– A local platform where multidisciplinary teams of like-minded people are pushed to take entrepreneurial actions on relevant local challenges.– The possibility to learn and practice design methods, develop an idea that can make a difference locally and globally. This year in Taiwan, we will focus on the topic of Migration (SDGs #10 and #16) and Sustainable Development (SDGs #1 and #8). Let’s design #2030now!
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Asia-Pacific SDG Innovation Lab Taiwan 4 SDGs
Number of people taking this action: 20-50
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Adopting Design Thinking methods & tools and cross sectoral collaboration, we would like to empower participants to explore SDGs and create ideas and impact for the global goals, solving local challenges relevant to their own context.
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Number of people taking this action: 20-50
CircuPlus is a community whose focus is on circular economy. Believe in the idea of "gathering startup ecosystem community to make circular economy happen via ICT." They host reglaur meetups to covene like-minded people to collide different ideas for actions. Invite speakers from all areas such as "circular economy" or "ICT" to share their best practices and good insights.
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CircuPlus Asia-Pacific SDG Innovation Lab Taiwan 4 SDGs
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