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Planetary health : health for people, society, and ecosystems

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Making the United State of Resources Humans are strongly health-minded, and are individually and collectively resource-driven, but frame resources incorrectly because public and private resources are unsustainably managed. Resources, including the human resource, are the matrix of economic and political power systems, of history’s ups and downs. They now constitute a hidden global challenge of our time. The open-source paper (1) describes a resource-centred science-policy framework consistent with the inclusive planetary health narrative. The framework promotes human rights and duties in the public interest through resource justice and environmental responsibility.
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The institute is working at conceptual and operational, legal and political instruments that restore resilient mechanisms and practices at regional and local levels of decision making through resource stewardship. The transition to resilient societies (in socio-economic, environmental, financial, demographic, etc terms) has to be socially just, ecologically responsible, and society-wide (culturally) acceptable.

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