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LeadSustainably is a non-profit organization committed to supporting start-ups in the area of sustainability. We believe that global problems can be solved through local initiatives, and we are investing in our future by giving new businesses and entrepreneurs a more sustainable start.

Sustainability is experiencing increasing momentum not only in business but also in academia and city councils. We envision an acceleration of the current situation through the sharing of knowledge, best practices and tools in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We provide guidance and resources to help start-ups become sustainability game changers.

Our Call to Action

SDGs for Start-Ups: Boosting Your Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

LeadSustainably, a non-profit supporting start-ups in sustainability, is participating in the Global Week to #Act4SDGs by holding free events on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, for start-ups interested in learning how to better align their strategies with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The events will take place simultaneously in Zurich, Switzerland, at Impact Hub Zurich, with an SDG workshop, and in Paris, France, at Station F, with a media event in collaboration with Hack Global Goals, a platform supporting innovation through the SDGs. As part of the Paris event, Hack Global Goals will connect its September 21-22 Hackathon results from Eindhoven, Netherlands, with Station F innovators.

If you would like to participate in either event, contact info@leadsustainably.com.

About LeadSustainably

LeadSustainably is driven by a passion for supporting the entrepreneurs who are working to create a more sustainable future. We believe that global problems can be solved through local initiatives, and we are investing in our future by giving new businesses and entrepreneurs a more sustainable start.

About Hack Global Goals

Hack Global Goals is a non-profit organization with the mission to enable and empower tech-savvy millennials at the beginning of their entrepreneurship journey with everything they need (network and consultancy services) to implement their ideas and solve important issues. We are a group of committed partners willing to contribute to this world.

About JT Global Sustainable Solutions NOW

Jan Tolzmann is a PhD. rer. nat. Geoscience Paleoclimate Reconstruction and founder of Global Sustainable Solutions, which offers you the services, speeches and workshops you need to manage one of the largest challenges of humanity in the 21st century: Climate Change. Global Sustainable Solutions believes that sustainability is the only key for long-term success in your business and private life. It’s about time to become a problem solver, a solution finder, an action taker, and a doer NOW (Necessary Operations which Work)!

About Impact Hub Zurich

Impact Hub Zurich is part of a globally connected network to drive social transformation. With over 16,000 members worldwide, Impact Hub brings together entrepreneurs, creatives and techies to solve the world's greatest challenges. Impact Hub Zurich offers vibrant coworking and meeting spaces, brilliant training sessions and events, and a thriving atmosphere for innovation and change.

About Station F

Station F, in Paris, is the world's largest start-up campus with more than 30 startup programs, 35 public administrations, 40 VC funds, 4 mentorship offices and 600 events per year. As well as 3,000 desk spaces and private meeting facilities, the incubator also hosts a 370-seat auditorium and dining facilities open to the public. Station F is devoted to helping entrepreneurs grow their companies.


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