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Leap Girl Africa is a women-led Non Governmental Organisation in Cameroon created in 2016 and legally recognised in 2018 under the Declaration of Association. She has as mission to reduce the gender inequality gap by advancing women's and girls' rights, and improving their lives through education, social and economic empowerment. Leap Girl Africa's programs are developing the next generation of women leaders, and providing them with the necessary resources, education and skills they need to grow in their career path and giving them a voice in their communities. We also engage men in Cameroon to further break the silence of violence, reduce the gender inequality gap and promote social cooperation.

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Sexual and Gender Baed violence is the most pervasive, unaddressed and under-reported human rights violation. It affects us and knows no social, economic or political boundaries. Discrimination and inequalitie are the root causes of gender based violence.  In the search for solutions to eradicate Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Leap Girl Africa created a network called the #gbvfreecommunity. This community is an alliance between men and women who have a common goal and are calling on men and women  all around Africa to join the fight against inequalities.  During the #Act4SDGs We will use online advocacy to speak up against inequalities  by organising an online conference/webinar to educate the online community on women's empowerment to fight poverty and inequalities.  The conference will focus on this point  1. Build respect by engaging men in SGBV topics  and discrimination. 2. Change stereotypes that exist with regards to gender roles and sexism.  3. Promote equality, equity and include more women in the development chain.  The conference will highlight every local and international practice surrounding gender inequality.  Our speaker this time is from Ethiopia she is a TV host with Kana Tv.  In addition to talking about Women's empowerment to reduce dependency that leads to vulnerability, she is also present on how media can be used by youths and parents to report sexual harrassment and abuse.  To be part of the conference all  participants need to do is like and follow our page http://facebook.com/leapgirlafrica so that when we start the live session they will get an alert.  We will also wish to be part of the fair and get a stand to put up illustrations of sexual harassment and abuse prevention and response. Our team will sensitize people on how to improve relationships with children and parent.
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