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A group of activists interested in setting up a separate waste collection system in Gatchina.

Our goal is to draw attention of the citizens that it is already possible today to handle your waste in an eco-firndly manner, promote responsible consumption and production as well as nurture environmental values in children and adults.

Our Call to Action

Let's bring people together to reach a better tomorrow for you and me! Let's act and take small steps today, so in perspective there will be a strong impact!


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The first environmental festival in Gatchina, which will bring together representatives of public initiatives that make our city better, kinder and healthier step by step! Our goal is to involve Gatchina residents into the dialoge about issues of sustainable development in its various aspects: ecology and charity. Show them how global agenda reflects on the local scale and how they can get involved. At the festival venue, you will get to know important community projects that exist thanks to the initiatives of indifferent residents of the area and learn how to help them. Come to get inspired and start acting for the benefit of the place we are living!
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Razdelny Sbor of town Gatchina with support of Gatchina Administration German-Russian Exchange Green City e.V. Munich
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Russian Federation
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